Respected Share members and Well wishers,

Considering the fact that the contribution of cooperatives in the world economy is incomparable,
the constitution of Nepal has also addressed the role of the cooperative sector in making the
national economy self-reliant, independent and prosperous, as the cooperative movement is
moving forward to achieve the sustainable development goals in Nepal.
Embracing the slogan ” Our Shikhar, Our Pride” the goal is to mobilize and manage the local
resources, means and capital scattered in the community through the voluntary participation of
individuals, where the campaign of Shikhar SACCOS has crossed two decades journey in the
economic, social and cultural development of the members by enhancing the institutional
efficiency and capacity.
At present, it is a necessary condition to ensure the quality of the organization in accordance with
the cooperative system and conduct being adopted by the organization in the national and
international arena. To keep organization financially healthy and safe, and provide member
friendly competitive services, we are constantly working on the issue of planned development of
the organization and flow of professional services. As a result, the organization has been able to
obtain the BRAND for the fiscal year 2076/77 under the PROBATION program from
NEFSCUN in collaboration with the Department of Cooperatives.
Times are changing. Changed times are creating the need for various changes even in the
organization. In order to perform the work as per the requirements, the human resources involved
in the organization are working in full compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations, and
the regulations, policies, directives and procedures of the organization are being implemented in
a timely manner and in a member friendly manner.
Making full use of the information management system to make the organization efficient,
capable and effective by maintaining e-governance in the organization, efforts are being made to
make the organization technology friendly in order to increase the access of all Shareholders to
financial transactions, information and service acquisition and other activities as well as products
and services of the organization.
Following the path taken by the former directors of the organization for the institutional
development of this organization always motivated by the spirit of cooperation and unity, taking
into account the greater interests of the Shareholders and the recognition of the system and
rewards in the qualitative development of the organization, I hope and believe that there will be
unity among all those involved in the cooperative movement of shikhar SACCOS.
Jaya Shikhar ! Jaya Sahakari !!

Bhupendra Bahadur Singh

Bheriganga-11, Ramghat, Surkhet

Karnali Province, Nepal

Phone: 9858075936

Service Center
Bheriganga-12, Chhinchu, Surkhet

Phone: 083-540330

Information Officer

Khadka Bagadur Shahi



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